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Sharif Iman Poster

Christmas card (final and concepts) designed in Photoshop using digital photography, enhancement, digital painting and effects.

Folder designed strictly in Illustrator template to maintain vector resolution.

Brochure and logo designed in Photoshop and Illustrator using multiple complex elements: digital photography, enhancement, manipulation, touchup, 3D rendering, digital painting, vector drawing and effects.

Brochure designed using Photoshop with digital painting, digital photography and effects.

Postcard with logo designed using Photoshop & Illustrator.

Concept logo created using Photoshop with digital painting and effects.

CD cover created in Photoshop using multiple combined elements: digital photography, 3D elements, digital painting, effect and photo manipulation.

CD cover created in Photoshop using digital painting, digital photography, 3D elements and effects.

Brochure with multiple elements designed in Photoshop using digital painting, digital photography and effects.

One of several business cards designed for UPS pilots.

Business card with logo designed in Photoshop using a combination of digital painting and effects.

Logo was drawn in Illustrator to maintain a vector resolution.

This logo was done using a combination of effects and digital painting.

Naturescapes Logo done in all vector art.

Poster created using several different types of effects.

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